Staging Properties for Sale. More Important than Ever!

Staging a house is incredibly helpful for a speedy sale, fetching top dollar. Staging might mean working with seller’s own furnishings, or it might mean renting furnishings for a vacant house. In any case, well-staged homes often net 5% or more and sell more quickly than their competition. The photos online are more appealing, for sure!

Note that not every room of a vacant house needs to be staged. I believe that the living room, dining area, and master bedroom should have pleasing furnishings. The other rooms aren’t nearly as important.

I consult with all of my sellers regarding the best way to stage their house. For occupied homes I make suggestions for how to simplify and prepare for the camera. Sometimes I bring in a consultant to help us optimize the placement of furniture and art. For vacant smaller homes I am often able to stage key rooms myself. If I cannot, I may rent furniture or consult with my client regarding their options for hiring staging professionals. Every situation is a little different!